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Programme Outcome

This program could provide well trained professionals for the Industries, Banking Sectors, Insurance Companies, Financing companies, Logistics, distribution channel management, Application of Information technology in Business, Alternative investment management technique etc., to meet the well trained manpower requirements. The graduates will get hands on experience in various aspects acquiring skills for Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Bank manager, Cost accountant, Academicians, Project management, Research Analysts, and Over all Administration abilities of the Company.

Programme Specific Outcome

The students should possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes during the end of the M.com degree course. By virtue of the training and curriculum, they can become an Managers, Accountants , Cost Accountants, Bank Managers, Auditors, Company Secretaries, Teachers, Professors, Stock Agents, Government jobs etc.

Duartion 2 Years Course 4 Semester

B.Com. with at least 50% marks ' ' ' ' '

Course Course Outcomes
Managerial Economics The students acquires the knowledge of Demand forecasting in sales management, Price fixing, market competitors, and management business economically.
Corporate Accounting LO1. This course aims to enlighten the students on the accounting procedures followed by the Companies. LO2. To enable the students to be aware on the Corporate Accounting in conformity with the provision of the Companies Act.
Business Research Methods On successful completion of this course the student are enabled with the Knowledge in Business analysis, Research methods.
Higher Financial Accounting Lo1.To enable the students to learn the basic concepts of Partnership Accounting, and allied aspects of accounting. Lo2. After the successful completion of the course the student should have a thorough knowledge on the accounting practice prevailing in partnership firms and other allied aspects.
Marketing Management Lo1. On successful completion of this course the students should have the practical knowledge and he tactics in the marketing.
Human Resource Management Lo1. To understand the nature of human resources and its significance to the organization.
Management Accounting Lo1. This course aims to develop an understanding of the conceptual framework of Management Accounting. Lo2. After the successful completion of the course the student acquires the knowledge in the Management Accounting Techniques in business decision making.
Financial Management Lo1. This course enables the students with the knowledge about the Capital budgeting, Working capital, cash management, and better financial management techniques.
Investment Management Lo1.The students will be enabled with knowledge of portfolio management, Portfolio analysis, Provident, LIC, The Post Office schemes etc.
International Lo1.Business The students acquires the knowledge about the Foreign trade, Foreign exchange, etc.
Project Work & Viva Voce Lo1. This gives practical exposure in the Project work, knowledge which will equip the students in Research work.
E-Business Lo1. the paper imparts understanding of the concepts and various application issues of e-business like Internet infrastructure, security over internet, payment systems and various online strategies for ebusiness.

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