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Best Bca college in punjab

  • SSM is one of the top BCA colleges in Punjab. BCA is a three year course divided into six semesters. BCA course opens a pool of opportunities for the students in the I.T Field.

Programe Outcome:

  • Students will able to recognize & appreciate the role of computing in a wide variety of activities & application of Modern society, including commerce, education, communication.
  • Analyze a given problem and develop an algorithm to solve the problem.
  • Demonstrate the basic technicalities of creating word document, creating power point presentation, design spreadsheet for office use.
  • Develop the software projects by understanding the client requirement.
  • Define fundamental account concept, conventions & terminologies.
  • Implement the various programming languages like C, C++, VB. Net, Java Construct in the right way.
  • Able to master the basic concept and understand the database management system.
  • Evaluate and analyze the SDLC, understand software design, coding techniques and software testing principle.

Program Specific Outcomes:

  • Engineering Knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals to the solution of complex engineering problems.
  • Problem Analysis: identify, formulate, review and analyze complex problems using various techniques.
  • Design/Development of solutions: Design solutions for complex problem and design the system components or processes that meet the specific needs.
  • Conduct Investigation of complex problems: Using various investigation techniques he can investigate large and complex problems.
  • Modern Tool Usage: create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern IT tools.
  • Communication: Communicate effectively on complex activities and with the society at large and write effective documentation, make effective presentation and give and receive clear instructions.
  • Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader or project manager in project team.
  • Project Management: Effectively manage project work according to time scheduling, cost scheduling and also satisfy customer needs.
  • Lifelong learning: Recognize the needs for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning.

Duartion 3 Years Course 6 Semester



Paper No Course Title Course Outcome
Paper-I Introduction to Programming – C
  • Create and initialize variables, constant, arrays, pointers, structures and unions.
  • Manipulate values of variables, arrays, pointers, structures, unions and files.
  • Create the function that can receive variables, arrays, pointers and structures.
  • Define functions that can receive variables, arrays, pointers and structures.
  • Create open, read, manipulate, write and close files.
  • Select and use appropriate data structures for the given problems.
Paper-II Introduction to Computers and Information Technology
  • Familiarization with the terms like Operating System, peripheral devices, networking, multimedia, internet etc.
  • Ability to use internet for searching information on web, sending e-mails and many other tasks.
  • Skill to work with MS-Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Initiation into the process of writing business letters or job applications, tabulating data, preparing PPTs etc using MS-Office.
Paper-III Mathematics (Applied and Discrete Mathematics
  • Develops formal reasoning.
  • Creates habit of raising questions.
  • Knowledge regarding the use of Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science.
  • Helpful in formulating questions.
  • Ability to communicate knowledge, capabilities and skills related to the computer engineer
Paper-IV Communication Skills in English
  • Reading Skills:- Ability to read English with ability to read English with understanding and decipher paragraph patterns, writer techniques and conclusions.
  • Writing Skills:- Skill to develop the ability to write English correctly and master the mechanics of writing the use of correct punctuation marks and capital letter.
Paper-V Drug Abuse
  • Understand the concept of use, misuse, abuse, dependence, withdrawal and addiction.
  • Understand physical, psychological, social and economical effects of drug abuse.
  • Analyze how alcohol and other drugs result in family dysfunction.


Paper-I Introduction to Programming- C++
  • Familiarization with a widely used programming concept – Object Oriented Programming.
  • Develop logical thinking.
  • Skill to write codes in C++ by applying concept of OOP, such as Objects, Classes
  • Constructors, Inheritance etc., to solve mathematical or real world problems . Ability to isolate and fix common errors in C++ programs.
Paper-II Principles of Digital Electronics
  • Skill to build and troubleshoot digital logic circuits.
  • Skill to use the methods of systematic reduction of Boolean expression using K- Map.
  • Ability to interpret logic gates and its operations.
  • Familiarization with semiconductor memories in electronics
Paper-III Numerical Methods and Statistical Techniques
  • Skill to choose and apply appropriate numerical methods to obtain approximate solutions to difficult mathematical problems.
  • Ability to apply various statistical techniques such as Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion.
  • Understanding of relationship between variables using the method of Correlation and Trend Fit Analysis.
  • Skill to execute programs of various Numerical Methods and Statistical Techniques for solving mathematical problems.
Paper-IV Communication Skills in English – II (Th.35+Pr.15)
  • Ability to understand English when it is spoken in various contexts.
  • Speaking Skills:-Develop the ability to speak intelligibly using appropriate word stress, sentence stress and elementary intonation patterns.
Paper-V Drug Abuse: Problem, Management and Prevention
  • Understand physical,psychological, social and economical effects of drug abuse.
  • Analyze how alcohol and other drugs result in family dysfunction.


Paper-I Computer Architecture
  • Ability to understand the functionality, organization and implementation of computer system. Skill to recognize the instruction codes and formats.
  • Knowledge of the internal working of main memory, cache memory, associative
  • memory and various modes of data transfer.
  • Familiarization with the working of parallel processing and vector processing.
Paper-II Database Management System
  • Familiarization with Database Management System.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of database models.
  • Ability to code database transactions using SQL.
  • Skill to write PL/SQL programs.
Paper-III Python
  • Ability to create and execute Python programs.
  • Understanding the working of file I/O.
  • Ability to manipulate database using Python programs.


Paper-I Data Structure and File Processing
  • Skill to analyze algorithms and to determine algorithm correctness and their time efficiency.
  • Knowledge of advanced abstract data type (ADT) and data structures and their implementations.
  • Ability to implement algorithms to perform various operations on data structures.
Paper-II Information System
  • Ability to analyze a problem and identify and to define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution.
  • Understand and evaluate a computer based information system.
  • Capability to assist in the creation of an effective Project plan.
Paper-III Internet Applications
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Internet and its working.
  • Ability to use services offered by internet.
  • Skill to develop websites using HTML and DHTML.
Paper-IV System Software
  • Detailed knowledge of Compilation process of a program. Knowledge of internal working of macro processor.
  • Familiarization with Assembly language.
  • Understanding the working of linker and loaders – components used during the process of program execution.
Paper-V Environmental Studies Subject: Environmental studies
  • Critical thinking in relation to environmental affairs.
  • Understanding about interdisciplinary nature of environmental issues.
  • Independent research regarding environmental problems in form of project report.
  • Understand social interactions by which human behave and cultural values that underlay behaviors.


Paper-I Computer Networks
  • Knowledge of uses and services of Computer Network.
  • Ability to identify types and topologies of network
  • Understanding of analog and digital transmission of data.
  • Familiarization with the techniques of Network Security.
Paper-II Web Technologies
  • Ability to develop web pages using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Skill to create XML documents and Schemas.
  • Knowledge of client-side (JavaScript) and server-side scripting (PHP, ASP.NET) languages to build dynamic web pages.
  • Familiarization with Web Application Terminologies, Internet Tools, E – Commerce and other web services.
  • Ability to develop database applications with MySQL.
Paper-III Operating System
  • Ability to apply CPU scheduling algorithms to manage tasks.
  • Initiation into the process of applying memory management methods and allocation policies.
  • Knowledge of methods of prevention and recovery from a system deadlock.
Paper-IV JAVA Programming Language
  • Skill to write Java application programs using OOP principles and proper program structuring.
  • Ability to create packages and interfaces.
  • Ability to implement error handling techniques using exception handling.


Paper-I Computer Graphics
  • Knowledge of working of display systems.
  • Skill to execute various Scan Conversion algorithms in laboratory so as to draw Graphics primitives.
  • Familiarization with 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Develop creativity to create 2D objects.
  • Ability to implement 2D geometric transformations on computer system.
Paper-II Software Engineering
  • Familiarization with the concept of software engineering and its relevance.
  • Understanding of various methods or models for developing a software product.
  • Ability to analyze existing system to gather requirements for proposed system.
  • Skill to design and code a software.

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