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Department of Fashion Designing
B.Sc.(Fashion Designing)2020-21B.Sc.(Fashion Designing)
Diploma in Dress Designing and Tailoring2020-21Diploma in Stitching and Tailoring
M.Sc. (Fashion Designing and Merchandising)2020-21M.Sc.(Fashion Designing & Merchandising)
PG Diploma in Garment Construction & Fashion Designing2020-21PG Diploma in Garment Construction & Fashion Designing
B.Voc. (Fashion Technology and Apparel Designing)2020-21B. Voc. (Fashion Technology and Apparel Designing)
M.Sc.(Fashion Designing)2022-24MSC FASHION DESG &MERCHANSHING
PG Department of Commerce
BBA2020-21BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
B.Voc(E-Commerce and Digital Marketing)2020-21B. Voc. (E-Commerce and Digital Marketing)
B.Voc(Retail Management)2020-21B. Voc. (Retail Management)
BTHM2020-21BTHM (Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management)
P.G. Department of Economics
M.A. (Economics)2020-21MA (Economics)
P.G. Department of Mathematics
M.Sc. (Mathematics)2020-21M.Sc. (Mathematics)
P.G. Department of History
M.A.(History)2020-21MA (History)
PG. Department of Computer Science & IT
M.Sc.(Computer Science)2020-21M.Sc. (Computer Science)
B.Sc.(Information Technology)2020-21B.Sc. (Information Technology)
PGDCA2020-21PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications)
M.Sc. (Information Technology)2020-21M.Sc. (Information Technology)
PG Department of Music
Master of Music (Vocal)2020-21MA Music(Vocal)
P.G. Department of Punjabi
MA (Punjabi)2020-21MA (Punjabi)
P.G. Department of Hindi
MA (Hindi)2020-21MA (Hindi)
P.G. Department of Fine Arts
Master of Fine Arts2020-21MA (Fine Arts)
Department of Hotel Management
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Department of English
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Department Home Science
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Department of Physical Education
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Department of Political Science
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Department of Psychology
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Department of Sanskrit
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Department of Bio Science
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Department of Chemistry
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Department of Sociology
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Department of Physics
M.Sc.(Physics)2020-21M.Sc. (Physics)