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Sr. No. Title of the Workshop/Seminar/Conference/FDP'S Date Link to the Detailed
1 Awareness Program on Financial Literacy 12-02-2024 Click Here
2 One Day Workshop on Dyeing & Printing 30-09-2023 Click Here
3 Extension Lecture on Conservation of Herbs & their Ethnomedicinal Importance 06-04-2023 Click Here
4 Online Workshop Karigiri se Karobari (Skill to Entrepeneurship) 12-03-2023 Click Here
5 Workshop on Chocolate and Cake Making 13-03-2023 Click Here
6 Workshop on Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs 10-03-2023 Click Here
7 Mocktail Mixing Workshop 09-03-2023 Click Here
8 Workshop on Impact of GST on Small Entrepreneurs 09-03-2023 Click Here
9 Worshop on Peacefull Uses of Atomic Energy 04-11-2022 Click Here
10 Seminar on Awareness about Cyber Crime 06-10-2022 Click Here
11 International Webinar on "Device Applicaton of Two Dimensional Materials" 09-09-2022 Click Here
12 Extension Lecture on the Importance of Soft Skills in Modern Era: Up Skilling 25-08-2022 Click Here
13 Workshop on Career Counseling 29-07-2022 Click Here
14 Workshop on Latest Dyeing and Printing Techniques 22-07-2022 Click Here
15 National Webinar on Literature Survey and Research Paper Writing 29-06-2022 Click Here
16 Two Days Workshop on Radiation Detection and Measurements (IANCAS) 20-05-2022 to 21-05-2022 Click Here
17 One Day Workshop on Career Opportunities 12-05-2022 Click Here
18 Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights 04-05-2022 Click Here
19 A National Workshop Entitled Sustainable Methods for Preparation of Nano-Materials and Their Applications 30-04-2022 Click Here
20 Workshop on X-Rays Neutron Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopic Techniques for Material Characterization 22-04-2022 Click Here
21 3 Days Workshop on Hobby Ideas Pidilite 21-04-2022 to 23-04-2022 Click Here
22 Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights 18-04-2022 Click Here
23 One Day Workshop on Advanced Dyeing and Printing Techniques 16-04-2022 Click Here
24 Webinar on Recent Trends in Physics 24-03-2022 Click Here
25 Webinar on Unequal Pay: Gender Discrimination at Work Place 31-12-2021 Click Here
26 National Webinar on Role of IT Infrastructure for Achieving Quality in Accreditation 31-12-2021 Click Here
27 National Webinar on Quality Research Paper Writing and Academic Publishing 30-12-2021 Click Here
28 One Day National Webinar on Waste to Resources 29-12-2021 Click Here
29 Webinar on Role of Best Practices for Sustaining Quality in HEIs 29-12-2021 Click Here
30 National Webinar on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 28-12-2021 Click Here
31 Workshop on Mind Beyond the Limits 24-12-2021 Click Here
32 Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights, Theory, Law and Anti-Plagiarism 21-12-2021 Click Here
33 Webinar on Stress Management Techniques: Dealing with Anxiety 20-12-2021 Click Here
34 Workshop on Essential Entrepreneurship Skills 17-12-2021 Click Here
35 Workshop on Research Methodology 11-12-2021 Click Here
36 National Webinar on Importance of Crime Scene Management 04-12-2021 Click Here
37 Extension Lecture on Skill Enhancement and Development 04-12-2021 Click Here
38 National Webinar on Latest Development using Learning Techniques 01-10-2021 Click Here
39 International Interdisciplinary Conference on Ancient Indian Knowledge System: Natural Science, Cognitive Sciences and Social Sciences 21 to 23-08- 2021 Click Here
40 Webinar on Contours of Feminism and Gender Criticism: A Study of Different Aspects 28-06-2021 Click Here
41 Webinar on Ways and Means of Research in Social Sciences 28-05-2021 Click Here
42 Two Days International E-Workshop on Pandemic and Emotional configuration: Literary Response Across Time and Space 01-05-2021 to 02-05-2021 Click Here
43 Webinar on Research Methodology in Music 21-04-2021 Click Here
44 Webinar on Gyannidhi Vedic Sahitya:Vertman Sandharb Me 06-04-2021 Click Here
45 National Webinar on Communication Skills for Effective Learning 24-03-2021 Click Here
46 National Webinar on Teacher's Role in Implementation of New Education Policy 09-03-2021 Click Here
47 International Webinar on Scenario of Data Analytics and Emerging Technologies at Global Level 05-02-2021 Click Here
48 International Webinar on Societal Impact of Machine Learning Approaches 27-01-2021 Click Here
49 National Webinar on New Trends in Mathematical Modeling 05-12-2020 Click Here
50 Webinar on Emerging Technology in Computing 26-11-2020 Click Here
51 Webinar on Transition in Property Rights from Medieval to Modern India 18-09-2020 Click Here
52 Webinar on Professionalism In Commerce Education & NEP 2020 19-08-2020 Click Here
53 Seminar on Research Proposal Writing 20-03-2020 Click Here
54 Seminar on Jobs and Career Opportunities in Sociology 02-03-2020 Click Here
55 3 Days Workshop on Tie & Dye, Block and Screen Printing 02-11-2019 to 04-11-2019 Click Here
56 Skill Development Programme cum Exhibition on Articles Macrame, Crochet and Smoking Work 15-10-2019 Click Here
57 Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skill Development from Campus to Corporate 05-10-2019 Click Here
58 Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship Skill Development: Career Planning in Commerce 14-09-2019 Click Here
59 Research Orientation Programme 10-09-2019 Click Here
60 Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights Challenges in Social Sciences 10-09-2018 Click Here
61 Research Paper Writing 17-09-2018 Click Here
62 One Day Workshop on 'Tie and Dye' 22-09- 2018 Click Here
63 Three Days Workshop on Pidilite 30-10-2018 to 01-11-2018 Click Here
64 Workshop on CAD (Computer Aided Designing) 02-03-2019 Click Here
65 One Day Workshop on Psychological Research to Everyday Life Experiences 07-03-2019 Click Here
66 Entrepreneurial Skill Development Programme: Winter Fall Fashion Week 29-03-2019 Click Here
67 One Day National Seminar on Recent Trends in Computational Mathematics 06-04-2019 Click Here
68 One Day Workshop on Entrepreneurship Empowerment and Skill Development Programme 15-05-2018 Click Here
69 Skill Development Programme cum Exhibition on Embroidery, Block Painting Glass Painting, Pot Painting Macramé, Crochet 04-05-2018 Click Here
70 Two Days National Workshop on Radiation Detection and Measurement 30-03-2018 to 31-03-2018 Click Here
71 One Day National Seminar on Cyber Security: Contemporary Issues & Challenges 17-03-2018 Click Here
72 National Seminar on Demonetization: A Step to Nurture Cashless India 24-02-2018 Click Here
73 Extension Lecture on Career Counselling and Guidance 23-02-2018 Click Here
74 Extension Lecture on Employment in E-Commerce 29-01-2018 Click Here
75 Seminar on Modern Tools and Technology in Research Interdisciplinary Perspective 03-10-2017 Click Here
76 Seminar on Intellectual Property Right Policies and Procedures 06-09-2017 Click Here